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PCB Board Design Embedded Software (Firmware) Smartphone Software (Android, iPhone) PCB Mass Production PCB Quality Control

PCB Board Design

We provide PCB (printed circuit board) layout design and schematic diagrams by using different EDA software to meet our customers’ needs no matter how complicated the project is. Our engineers provide very high-level PCB design files that meet DFM (design for manufacturing) standards and are optimized for cost-effective assembly. We provide:


PCB Layout

Radio Frequency Design


Embedded Software (Firmware)

We offer embedded firmware development services for a wide range of microcontrollers. Technically firmware is a code that functions as the operating system of the device and interacts directly with the hardware. Our team of engineers has strong experience and industry knowledge; thus, we are able to develop bare-metal firmware, RTOS-based, or firmware on top of embedded Linux kernel.

Bare Metal


Linux Embedded

Smartphone Software (Android, iPhone)

We develop custom iOS and Android IoT mobile app solutions that best meet your expectations. Our developers are skilled in developing native apps in Swift and Java as well as developing cross-platform apps in frameworks like Ionic. IoT app development differs compared to traditional application development, we keep in mind the intricacies of the IoT ecosystem and build cloud-based, reliable IoT solutions that deliver enticing user experiences. Mobile app solutions for:




PCB Mass Production

We assist the mass production process of our customers by focusing on cost advantage. For the production of our PCB boards, we use some carefully selected partners in China and Europe based on their technological expertise, production capacity, and quality. Thanks to this professional network, we can meet the various technical, quantity, quality, and economic needs of our customers.

UL Certified PCBs

Genuine Components Sourcing

SMT Assembly According to IPC standards

PCB Quality Control

We perform functional verification tests, product safety tests, and environmental tests on the prototypes and the end products. We also ensure that the hardware is in accordance with ecology compliance (RoHS) and any other country-specific or device-specific required standards. Finally, we manage the certification process according to these standards.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Flying Probe In-Circuit Test (FICT)

EMI And EMC Testing


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