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Market Research Concept Development 3D CAD Modeling

Market Research

The design process begins with market research. The needs for a new product is determined and the specifications are clearly defined in a detailed project brief. The most important activites are:

Market trends research

Competition evaluation

Questioner to company employees

Brainstorming with a task group.

Information from sales and marketing departments

Concept Development

New ideas are generated to convert the project brief to a real, competitive product. This is done with 3D modeling concept designs, which can be up to 6 concepts depending mainly on the complexity of the product. Key parameters for concept design generation are:

User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design.

Aesthetically advanced designs and innovative technical solutions.

Anthropomorphic design, Ergonomics, Usability and maybe company style.

Structural design with material selection.

Surface finish with color selection.


3D CAD Modeling

The pre-selected concept designs are now 3D CAD  modeled in detail using Solidworks taking into account key parameters such as:

Easy tool making

Design for manufacture

Production cycle time

Assembly and disassembly of products

Structural strength


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