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Mould Flow Analysis Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Detailed Drawings

Mould Flow Analysis

Our Basic concern is to convert your injection mould from good to excellent. Accuracy in the injected part while this is running production over and over, is the key element to achieving this. By running Mould Flow analysis software, we simulate the material flow process in our injection mould, thus, we fill our part with the selected material following with animation the entire path of the plastic into the mould until our part is shaped, before we spent any money for actual tools.

Mould Flow analysis allows us to engineer our products in such an extend creating flawless injection moulded parts. It needs to be said that it is not always necessary to run mould flow analysis for every part we design. It is necessary to use it however, when our parts or assemblies include complex geometries and rare materials, as well as certain tolerances. In such cases, with mould flow analysis we determine the following:

Number of cavities is correct and these are filled properly

Material gate selection and its position are confirmed.

Part wall thickness does not hide any mass accumulation in hidden points.

Parameters such as shrinkages and air traps are revealed.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis or FEA is the simulation of a physical phenomenon, using a numerical mathematic technique. It is one of the key principles used in the new product development using simulation software, which is usually integrated into CAD systems making it much easier to go from design to running complex structural analysis.

We can use FEA to reduce the number of physical operational prototypes and run virtual experiments to optimize our design, minimizing any risk involved in part strength and durability. We compute relevant quantities such as stresses and strains in order to estimate structural behaviour of our design under a given load, such as weight or pressure. By running this simualtion we identify every weak spots and areas of tension improving our design. This is achieved prior to tooling saving time and money for customer.

It is important to know that FEA gives a theoritical numerical value which is an approximate solution, it is however a good prediction of how a part or assembly behaves under certain conditions.


Detailed Drawings

At this stage of the design process, the product will not be a graphic representation anymore, but a real object which can be presented to potential customers and tested in order to confirm that it meets requirements:

Detailed drawings and technical specifications

Bill of Materials (BOM)


Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)


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