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Tooling Mass Production Quality Control


We can take over the design and manufacturing of the necessary toolings for all products we have designed, and generally, of every product whether it is designed by us or not. We offer after sale service and technical support through out the life span of the new product and the required moulds. The mould design and manufacturing is carried out in Greece or China, depending on customer's decision. Types of toolings:

Injection moulds

Blow moulds

Die casting

Stamp tooling

Mass Production

Mass production of plastic or metalic parts can be carried out either in Greece or China. Several parameters must be considered before taking this decision, usually however, some of these determine our final decision. For example, a chrome plated or gold plated part can be subjected in this process only in China, while the production of a large object in large quanities must be produced in the local industry to avoid excessive shipping costs. The parameters we usually consider are the following:

Part dimensions

Part weight

Production scale

Required production materials

Final surface finish

Shipping cost

Production cost


Quality Control

Our Quality Control process, not only ensures the product quality, but also ensures the quality of everobody involved in the production process, from design to manufacturing.

Our target is always to maintain and improve the product quality.

This involves continues product testing and part measurements to make sure that it complies with our specification through out the prodcution process. 


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