Smart Air Mini Dispenser

Smart Air Mini Dispenser



Smart Air Mini Dispenser is a digital device that can spray and aromatize every kind of professional area, such as hotels and shopping malls. A highly aesthetic device with a revolutionary operation. It’s stylish, small and minimal design, makes it excellent for areas with modern or classic decoration.  Its powerful functionality gives enormous capabilities for air refreshment due to the advanced technology PCB which allows it up to 29 preinstalled programs. This device was engineered up to the limits in order to comply with Spring Air’s advanced requirements and that is why it has been established in the international market for more than a decade.

Solid Engineering was assigned by Spring Air to develop Concept Designs that could be suited for this need. 3D CAD modeling was developed for the selected concept taking into account several components that must be developed at the same time. PCB board design also started as soon as basic dimensions of the device were fixed, considering parameters such as battery life span, spray bottle valve pressure load, assembly and serviceability


Concept Development

3D CAD Modeling

PCB Board Design

Embedded Software (Firmware)

PCB Mass Production

Functional Prototypes


Mass Production

Quality Control

Prototyping was absolutely necessary at this stage, to assemble, test and evaluate the operational prototype device. For that purpose, 3D printed parts were made with dimensional accuracy to allow part design confirmation and a prototype PCB was made to allow full assembly of the final product and testing in real conditions. The necessary hardware, firmware and software, was developed by carefully selecting all parts such as microprocessor.

Once product design specifications, such as final dimensions and materials were standardized, and final PCB size, components and programs were fixed, the manufacturing of necessary tooling started. Injection moulds, a blow mould, and stamping tooling as well as PCB tooling were necessary to bring this new product into life. Mould steel type and tooling structure was thoroughly examined considering parameters such product life span, productivity and costs. Manufacturing and Production was carried out in our manufacturing facilities overseas and completed in such a short period of time in order to launch this product to market as early as the whole idea for this product was conceived.


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