Proteus Alarm Keypad

Proteus Alarm Keypad



Proteus keypad is a digital alarm keypad with touch screen that can be mounted in all household and professional areas. A distinctive device with modern design and advanced but user friendly operation. The big LCD screen and the illuminated keys make it easy to use while the backlight integrates it into the space. Sophisticated functionality combined with other Sigma Security S.A. products, many of those designed by Solid Engineering (such us IRIS LITE siren, ORION G modulator, or MFD and AEOLUS Keypad) can guarantee unmatched security for your home or business for a lifetime. Sigma Security is one of the biggest companies in Greece that operates in the area of security systems. With investments in all the latest technologies, specializes in research, design and production of high quality electronic security products. 


Market Research

Concept Development

3D CAD Modeling

3D Printing


Mass Production

Solid Engineering was assigned by Sigma Security to develop Concept Designs suitable for this application. Several ideas were presented and 3D CAD modeling was developed for the selected concept taking into account several components that must be developed at the same time. Prototyping with fully functional device was absolutely necessary at this stage, to assemble, test and evaluate design of plastic parts, assembly details, wall thickness, and strength. High quality 3D printed parts were made with dimensional accuracy to allow part design confirmation to allow full assembly of the final product and testing in real conditions.

Once product design specifications, such as final dimensions and materials were standardized, the necessary injection moulds were designed and manufactured with careful selection of mould steel grade and tooling structure was thoroughly examined considering parameters such product life span, productivity and costs. Moulds were tested and after their confirmation a pilot production of a small batch was carried out in our manufacturing facilities overseas and completed in such a short period of time in order to launch this product to market with mass produce parts as early as possible.


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