Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet



A complete set of a new Outdoor Cabinet was designed to replace the old cabinet for HOMEPLAST S.A which was designed back in 2005. Easy in assembly, ease in use and long term durability were the key parameters during design. Also, the minimum required tooling for achieving the above was considered as this would immediately affect the total project cost, and hence final product cost. Since competition is very important, this played crucial role in order to innovate new assembly solutions to combine an easy assembly with a strong product.

Solid Engineering was assigned by HOMEPLAST S.A. to develop this new product. This would consist of 4 product outer sizes combining several inner layouts. Shelve layout only, smaller shelves with space for long items such vacuum cleaner or mop, shoe storage layout were only a few of the requirements. HOMEPLAST produces indoors and outdoors storage products solving several daily storage problems. The company has an advanced production line with a variety of injection machines and pick up robots ensuring high quality products.


Market Research

Concept Development

3D CAD Modeling

Detailed Drawings

3D Printing


Concept designs were presented to the company's head office showing many different types of assembly solutions and outer shapes and pattern designs. The selected one was modeled in 3D CAD system with every design feature, in order to test animated door operation and assembly tolerances. Once this task was completed, large 3D prototypes were build to assess the cabinet visually and technical drawings were developed in order to start the machining of necessary tooling.

Several injection moulds were made in order to turn this concept into a real product. Mould steel grade and mould structure was thoroughly examined in order to combine the highest possible productivity with tooling price, keeping always our first priority: excellent part quality and customer satisfaction.


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