Moping Bucket

Moping Bucket



A moping floor bucket, with a bending squeezer designed for TAF line, with modern and practical design. In a market with big competition, where every company has a similar product to present, the need for a new product that stands out was neccesary. A strong design, powerful enough to withstand harsh whether conditions, with new colors that give a new identity to the new product was the main target of this project. Additionally, a new production line which would effectively optimize the mass production of this new product, providing complete automation with state of the art machinery, was neccesary to acheiving this goal.

Solid Engineering took over this project from TAF line regarding not only the design of this product, but also the manufacturing of the required tooling and the supply of the neccesary production machinery. TAF line is the new brand name from VIOPSYCTR, a company with nearly 30 years of presence in the Greek market of professional and household cleaning products. So, a new innovative product must be born in order to support this new brand name.


3D CAD Modeling

Detailed Drawings


Injection Machines


Auxiliary Equipment

Concept designs were presented and the selected one was finilised and modelled in a 3D CAD system with every technical detail, in order to simulate assembly and operation part movements. Finally, the surface finish was based on a list of sample textures and after careful consideration, a mirror polish surface finish in the top of the bucket with a thin texture in the rest of the part was believed to be the most suitable for this product bringing out all the design details. After that, 3D printed prototypes of all parts were assessed for precise dimensional and operational evaluations. 

Injection moulds were needed in order to make this project a reality. Mould steel grade and their structure were examined very thoroughly during mould design in order to achieve best productivity and cost relation. The study of the purchase of new injection moulding machines, pick up robots and auxilliary equipment started immediately when mould dimensions had been confirmed, taking into account the factory layout and their collaboration with the existing machinery. Two new injection machines were neccesary for mass production, a robot to pick up the final part from injection machine and deliver it on a conveyor belt, as well as many other auxilliary equipment (crushers, mixers, etc), ensuring continuous and smooth production process, but also the quality of the final product, confirming Solid Engineering's and Viopsyctr's commitment: customer's absolute satisfaction.


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