EvoScent Diffuser

EvoScent Diffuser



EvoScent Diffuser is a revolutionary, breakthrough digital device that can diffuse and aromatize every kind of home. A highly aesthetic device with a stylish and small design makes it excellent for areas with modern architecture.  With aero diffusion technology, silent operation and environment friendly production procedures make it the perfect solution for every demand.  Its powerful functionality gives enormous capabilities for aromatizing large areas. While many preinstalled programs in the advanced technology PCB offer easy in use despite its small size. This device was engineered in order to comply with Prime Solutions highly demanding specifications.  Prime Solutions, with a team of highly qualified scientifing experts, such us neuroscientists, and a leading edge production line and laboratories that comply with the National Greek Organization of Medicine is a world class leader company with franchises all over the world.

Solid Engineering took over the responsibility of developing such an advanced device. Concept designs were presented in customer’s Marketing and Sales Departments and 3D CAD modeling was developed for the selected concept.  The PCB board design also started at the same time, taking into consideration circuit board size and components as well as functionality requirements. Assembly and serviceability were the key parameters during design.


Market Research

Concept Development

3D CAD Modeling

PCB Board Design

Embedded Software (Firmware)

PCB Mass Production

Detailed Drawings

Functional Prototypes


Mass Production

Quality Control

Prototyping was absolutely necessary at this stage, to assemble, test and evaluate the operational prototype device. For that purpose, 3D printed parts, painted with certain pantone colors, were made with dimensional accuracy to allow part design confirmation and a prototype PCB was made to allow full assembly of the final product and testing in real conditions. The necessary hardware, firmware and software, was developed by carefully selecting all PCB components, considering cost and availability.

Once product design specifications, such as final dimensions and materials were standardized, the manufacturing of necessary tooling started. Injection moulds were necessary in order to make this concept real product.  Mould steel type and tooling structure was thoroughly examined considering parameters such product life span, productivity and costs. Since PCB size was confirmed by checking assembly details with the plastic parts, components and programs were fixed, PCB tooling was made also. Manufacturing and Production of all plastic parts and Printed Circuit Boards was carried out in our manufacturing facilities in China.


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